Why Some People Almost Always Make/Save Money with Mattress

Back pain is a widespread disease. Almost every third German complains about complaints that are due to an incorrect load or wear. Healthy sleep helps to relax body and mind. Of course this also affects the back. Good mattresses can help to relieve the pressure on certain body parts. They should support in some areas, give in others. Slatted frame and mattress form a mutually supportive unit. When choosing the right mattress, it is important to know your sleeping habits. The majority of people belong to the so-called side sleepers. Here, the shoulder and pelvic area should be relieved. People who sleep on the stomach should pay attention to a large-scale support of the abdominal muscles.

Mattresses with quality label

There are expensive alternatives available through thebest-mattress reviews and cheap mattresses. Basically, the price plays a minor role. However, anyone who trusts in the quality of mattresses from the discounter, does not do any favor. It does not always have to be the most expensive. But if you want to save too much when buying mattresses, you should be aware that quality and features have their price.

An indication of a "good" mattress can be seals of approval, such as the "AGR". Mattresses bearing the "Healthy Back" seal of approval fulfill the medical requirements that are placed on them. You can test a lot. Ergonomics, durability and material are established parameters. But good sleep is not measurable.

High quality mattresses are a good foundation in the truest sense of the word. A good night's sleep is not limited to the reduced pressure imposed by mattresses. Indoor climate and stress are just two of the many factors that affect our sleep. Ensure a harmonious design of your bedroom furniture. As far as possible, leave things that remind you of everyday stress in front of the bedroom door.

Our bed - a place that caresses our soul

Our everyday life is exhausting. Often we are pushed to the limits of resilience. It is difficult to let go. So afford yourself the luxury of reserving a place for the special moments. A free head and the greatest possible freedom of movement are important for a good night's sleep. There are many mattresses. The trick is to find the mattress that makes you feel most comfortable. Every bed should not only fulfill visual, but also haptic and medical needs. Mattresses and slatted frames are part of the lying system. Mattresses and slatted frames measured to your personal requirements help to find a sound sleep. So check your individual habits before buying new mattresses. Do you enjoy reading in bed or do you enjoy watching television? Then an adjustable slatted base would possibly be the right thing for you.

Buy mattresses without a sample - is that possible?

Many people believe mattresses must be tested before buying. As recent scientific research has shown, this is a myth without existence. A short trial is not enough to say something about the properties of mattresses. Sleep tests showed that you only get a meaningful result after a longer period of about three weeks. Whether mattresses are good for your own back, can not be determined with a test bed. The test lying on several mattresses only gives us the feeling that we have made a good purchase decision.

In Sommerlad's online shop we offer you high-quality mattresses that you can buy online without risk. Of course, if you do not want to miss out on a local test, you can of course visit one of our furniture stores. We look forward to you!

Which mattress is the right choice for back problems

If you suffer from back problems, you should adapt your mattress to the symptoms. Only then is restful sleep possible.

The mattress should ensure restful sleep

There are some aspects that a mattress  should bring for a good night's sleep . More complicated is the choice when dealing with back problems. There are many different complaints that need different solutions.

The degree of hardness plays a role

It is important for the spine that the mattress is neither too hard nor too soft. The manufacturer can help you with this topic with help and advice. On the Internet you will find calculators to calculate the recommended degree of hardness for you. However, you can also use the following formula:

Dispose of worn mattresses

Mattresses usually have a shelf life of about 10 years. Often they are used even longer. A mistake, because after a certain time, every mattress is worn out and has reclining. A saggy mattress can no longer support the body optimally and should be disposed of.

Pay attention to different lying areas

If the mattress is divided into different lying zones, it adapts better to the body. Depending on personal needs, the mattress should be divided into three, five, seven or nine zones.

Shoulder and pelvis should be relieved

If you frequently suffer from back pain, you should make sure that the mattress relieves shoulder and pelvic area. In addition, the spine should lie symmetrically so that the muscles and intervertebral discs can regenerate at night. If the spine is not lying straight, tension and pain can result.

Orthopedic mattresses can be a solution

To counteract back or joint pain, an orthopedic mattress could be the solution. These special designs ensure optimum pressure relief of the body and spine in every sleeping position.

Very important: the mattress hardness

Particularly important for a healthy sleep is not only the material but also the mattress hardness, unfortunately, these data are not standardized, which means that the mattress hardness differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. Most offer three different degrees of hardness for their mattress models, for example H1 to H3 or H2 to H4. However, some manufacturers also divide into up to five different hardness levels, which then range from H1 to H5.

So you cannot assume that mattresses with the hardness code H3 of two different manufacturers have the same hardness. Since the non-uniform markings can easily lead to confusion, you should use the specified degrees of hardness only as a guide to determine whether the mattress is soft (H1) or rather hard (H5). Generally speaking, the heavier you are, the harder your mattress should be.